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About Us

Hi there! Welcome to and thank you for stopping by. We are excited that you are here today. We hope that we are able to put a smile on your face and provide you with a pleasant tour of our own little corner somehow.

A Family Blessed Beyond All Measure

This is our family. My name is Sheila. My family calls me by my childhood nickname “Nikko” which is actually my second name. You can call me either way, I don’t really mind. My husband’s name is Benedict, 95% of people calls him Ben for short. We are blessed with two wonderful and loving children. Our daughter’s name is Isabella and her best friend Daniel is our youngest child.

We are not religious gurus or pastors or bible scholars by any means. We are simply an ordinary christian couple who were saved by the grace and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We both love to read the bible, listen to christian teachings and commentaries, read christian books, listen to christian music, watch christian movies, collect christian gift items for friends and family you name it, anything that will provide positive inspiration for us and others.

Our Motivation

We face different kinds of battles and challenges every single day. We have mountains we deal with on a daily basis. The best and most powerful thing we can do is to pray and dwell on the living word of God. Not just every Sunday but every single day, every single moment of our lives. We want to be the place where people can take a breather from the daily chaos of this world even for just a moment. It is our desire to be able to help people find their path to Jesus. We don’t know exactly the perfect way on how to do it, but we are trusting God to direct our every step.

Our First Step

This website is our own simple little way of sharing the Word. And finally obeying what God has planned for us. We have been redirected many times along the way not by God but by our own doubts and fears. But we serve a faithful and loving God who never gets tired and who continues to pursue us despite of our stubbornness. He is faithful on His promises and He has kept the secret desire in our hearts alive.

Our regret is we didn’t fully grasped what the Lord has been trying to tell us all along until NOW. We are beyond excited to see His plans unfold.

God Bless You!

Sheila and Ben

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